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Floral dress and oversized blazer
Glamming up a pair of boyfriend jeans on www.rivercitychic.com
Upgrade a simple quote tee by pairing it with a tuxedo blazer and cropped denim with leather detailing // http://bitly.com/1kli96h
Eleventhandsixteenth.com 'White Hot'
Shop my easy spring uniform on the blog today: www.thestyleeditrix.com/black-hat-black-blazer/
Eleventhandsixteenth.com 'Hanky'
Not a bad backdrop for a Monday: www.thestyleeditrix.com
See more details on My BLOG http://annrobiefashion.com/ #casual #style #fall #fblogger #green
My outfit.
No Longer a Skirts-Only Zone www.thehuntercollector.com